MSE has its own engineering design office. We have specialists in different fields. You have a project that you would like to implement ? You don't know where to start ? Our design office can handle it with you and for you. As we are experts in E-beam accelerators, we will quickly understand your scope and can implement a solution together.

Our senior mechanical engineers can design and simulate your parts. Thanks to our experience we know the industry’s good practices and will optimise your model for cost reduction and smart manufacturing. You can count on us to implement your projects. Our field service team can also assist you with implementation and validation on site.

Our electrical engineers can help you with your projects. You need to implement new systems in your factory? MSE can assist you with the computation and the interfacing with existing equipment. We can draft and redraw your existing drawings, we can help you to implement and start up your equipment. Provide us with a scope and we will provide the solution.

We are specialized in PCB design. You need a new function for one of your system? You want to update an existing device? Contact us to speak about your project and share your scope. We can design and develop a brand new PCB to meet your requirements.

Our automation team can help you with your project. You are facing obsolescence on a control system? You have problems interfacing systems together? Our team can help you with those issues. You want to enter a code in order to add extra functionalities? You can count on us.


Our design office has practical experience in the electron accelerator field. We know the prevailing good practices and the European industry standards. You can count on us to follow through your industrial projects.

Our Senior Mechanical Engineers have more than 10 years experience in engineering design.

We can propose multiple design solutions based on your specifications. We follow through up to implementation and manufacturing. Our team can also help to install the equipment on your site. We have the capability to simulate resistance of materials (finite elements), thermal constraints, fatigue analysis etc..

Do not hesitate to ask us if you have a project you would like to implement.


Our design office can assist you with your electrical projects from upgrading the existing system up to delivering a new design based on your requirements. Our experience in the electron accelerator field ranges from working on Low Voltage up to very High Voltage devices.

MSE can provide electrical design services as well as develop a fully integrated system. We accompany you during the implementation process as well as the testing phase and the commissioning of your electrical systems. We can create or modify technical specifications for your equipment or materials. Our team can assist you with troubleshooting and commissioning.

We can improve existing systems in order to increase the global efficiency of your equipment. We also provide spare parts or can propose alternatives in order to replace existing parts or manage obsolescence.

Our electrical team has more than 8 years of experience and can work both following European or American standards. MSE can also assist with managing marking as well as certification of your equipment (UL, CE).


Based on the requirements you have or the functionality you want to reach, MSE can design completely new Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). Even if you have a very limited amount of PCB to achieve, we can assist you with your project.

We have the capability to develop and design Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) on demand. Do you need a new functionality on your equipment or do you need to redesign an existing function with more up to date components? You can count on us to do it!

Contact us to know more about those new features.


Control systems are perhaps the most important aspect of an electron accelerator. As a result of the evolution of technologies, problems of compatibility and obsolescence occur every 10 to 15 years. MSE can redesign a complete code together with all the logic charts and documentation in order for to help keep you a full control of your system.

MSE has the capability to upgrade your control system to a PLC based control system. You can count on our experience with controlling accelerators to tailor your application to your needs.

We also have the capability to interface different systems between each other, like for example the line control for the accelerator.


Do not hesitate to contact us for further details.