Feasability study

E-beam technology is used within several industrial applications : to sterilize or improve products properties of medical devices or pharmaceutical substances, to perform food phytosanitary treatment, to enhance gem treatment coloration, to crosslink polymers and cure patinings, and many others.

Various parameters dictate the possible use of this technology, involving essential study of the compliance between products and technology. The goal is to assess the possibility of using e-beam in your process.

Whether the current industrial method, for various reasons a customer would like to evaluate the possibility to move to e-beam technology.

MSE can help you in this feasibility study ! We can run computer analysis and real e-ebeam irradiation tests.

Preliminary phase

Our collaboration can start with a non-disclosure agreement. Then we can have our first substantial meeting by addressing the technical aspects of your project. The target will be to :

  • define and analyse the technical requirements, shape the project concept
  • inititate the development, conduct research and explore engineering solutions
  • design a viable prototype and build a solution
  • select and finalize the product, improving the design until success

Theoretical phase

Based on your needs, MSE will engage its knowledge to identify a sustainable solution and develop a product if necessary. Brainpower and engineering will lead to a theroretical solution. MSE has the capacity to use several softwares such as 3D design, CFD, Mote Carlo simulations to build serious models.

If irradiation dose is involved, no problem, this is also part of our capabilities. In that case, the target will be to determine the best treatment recipe for your product(s) to be sterilized, according to your standards, specifications and regulatory compliances.

Practical phase

MSE collaborates with specialists in :

  • parts machining
  • structure assembly welding
  • mechanical design
  • electronic deisgn and assembly
  • computer analysis and calculations

  • dosimetry material suppliers
  • vacuum components manufacturers
  • radiation and regulatory safety
  • chemistry reaction crosslinking & branching
  • painting & coating application


The best result is the target !