Scheduled Maintenance (PM)

The MSE Field Service engineers provides Scheduled Maintenance on your accelerators. This can be part of a maintenance contract or quoted on demand. We provide two kinds of Maintenance for Dynamitron ® and other electron accelerators :


Light Maintenance : Our team is maintaining and calibrating all subsystems outside of the accelerator vessel. Control console signals calibration, Oscillator maintenance and calibration, gas handling system, cooling, scanning systems etc. Do not hesitate to contact us in order to have the maintenance tasks list.

Heavy Maintenance : In addition to the light Maintenance, we open the accelerator and check all the inside subsystems. The acceleration tube is inspected and maintained as well as the electron source. Replacement of the Titanium window and inspection of the vacuum system

Emergency Maintenance (EV)

The MSE Field Service Engineers are “active on call”. In case of problem with your accelerator, you can count on us the react quickly and to reach your site as fast as possible. MSE is offering different kind of solutions including warranty of departure within a dedicated time frame.


MSE has a dedicated hotline you can reach whenever you need it. Depending of your needs, you can reach us during office hours (9AM to 5PM) or 24/7. The hotline can be combined with a warranty of departure within 24 or 48 hours.