Theoretical training

We are proposing classroom training on customer site. The training can be adapted to the customer requirements. General overview of the accelerator principles as well as in-depth training per modules :

  • Control console and signals calibration
  • Oscillator cabinet operating principles
  • Accelerator operating principles
  • Beam line optics / Scanning + Vacuum system
  • Gas handling system
  • Safety (Radiation / Human / Accelerator)
  • Dosimetry

We provide tailor-made solutions depending of the customer’s needs. Do not hesitate to ask us for more information about our classroom training.

Practical training

Each of our classroom sessions is followed by a practical training on the equipment. It is useful in order to make the link between what has been learned in classroom and the field operations.

Each module developed in the classroom will be completed by some hands-on training. We will show you how to measure, calibrate and repair some components. On customer request, we can also provide you some written technical procedure to help and guide you through the different tasks.


Based on our important field experience, we know that troubleshooting processes can be complicated and take time. In order to speed up the process, we have developed a special practical module called the Murphy module. In this practical session we will show you how to identify problems and find the best solution to solve them. We will create voluntary defaults and put you in situations to help you identify the root cause and to solve it. We can also provide you with logical diagrams to help you in the troubleshooting processes.