Control system

MSE propose a complete up to date control system based on your requirements. Hardware and software can be tailor-made to fulfill your needs and to interface with your product processing system.

A lot of control systems for industrial electron accelerators are different and no longer up to date compared to today’s industry standards.

MSE proposes a control system upgrade in order to reach the present industry standards and face possible obsolescence of older systems. Some old control systems are no longer maintained by the original equipment manufacturer. Even if we propose a new PLC based control console, we can still assist you with your older system. Please take a look at the spare parts page to review what we can provide.

MSE propose PLC based control systems with more up to date functionalities. The root code can be customized and tailored to your requirements in order to fully satisfy the operators and improve fault isolation procedure. The whole logic is described in functional blocks in order for you to keep full control of your system and to modify it as needed.