Gas handling system

SF6 is one of the gasses with the biggest global warming effect. Ensuring proper manipulation and the longest life expectancy should be a priority. Furthermore, contamination of the SF6 gas can lead to very high production downtime.

The SF6 gas handling system allows to transfer the SF6 from the accelerator to the buffer tank and conversely. But it also allows to dry and clean the gas when there is suspicion of contamination. Older gas handling systems work with an oil vacuum pump and compressors where the oil is in contact with the SF6. This leads inexorably to oil contamination of the SF6 and less insulation capability of the gas. Furthermore, older gas handling systems are fully manual and if the operator is not careful time-consuming mistakes can be made.

For these reasons, MSE is working with a professional gas handling system manufacturer to provide the most up to date solution on the market. The fully automated system avoids committing mistakes and is up to 2 times faster than other systems. There is no possibility of oil contamination as the transferring system is totally oil free.

The MSE engineers are certified to work with SF6 according to the new European legislation. Do not hesitate to contact us to help you on site and to advice with selecting the best solution available on the market.