Power supply

As a result of our important field experience, we have been able to identify the shortcomings of existing systems so that today, we are in a position to propose solutions which eliminate these weaknesses.​

The power supply cabinet of most of the electron accelerators are difficult to maintain in a safe way. Troubleshooting those cabinets is inconvenient and dangerous. Most customers can’ properly assess the wear of parts and that has of course a direct impact on the whole efficiency of the accelerator.

We can tune the power supply cabinet in order to improve the efficiency of your machine. Monitoring of a few signals from the cabinet can asses directly the health of the system.

Our engineers are constantly looking for replacement parts to face obsolescence of existing components. Recently, we have found a replacement part for the 150kW power supply’s triode BW1601J2F triode. Instead of replacing this triode which in turn triggers changing the filament transformer, the cooling of the triode, the startup circuit…., MSE has identified a replacement triode with the exact same specifications as the E2V BW1601J2F.