New scan amplifier

Scanning the electron beam is crucial. It gives the beam its curtain shape and its correct size, ensuring striking the product efficiently at the requisite speed.

This NEW SCAN AMPLIFIER sets new standards for industrial use: improved reliability, advanced troubleshooting and components real time monitoring.

This fully compatible new scan amplifier forms a proven and reliable technical solution. It eventually introduces the real time monitoring of the transistors through a simple and effective incorporated supervision of electronic components, while connecting to your accelerator‘s control system or to a provided dedicated LCD screen. The powerfull unit eases troubleshooting in the event of failure and allows to keep the scan running in degraded mode while ensuring the full current capability. With this device, it is possible to schedule a repair intervention to reduce your accelerator production downtime.

  • Interchangeability : Fully electrically compatible
  • Output Current : Continuous 30 Amps p-p
  • Power Supply : +/-80VDC, +/-15VDC, +24VDC (fan)
  • Monitoring : Each transistor’s protection fuse is monitored in real time