Vacuum system

Every electron accelerator has a vacuum chamber. The vacuum can be maintained via a sealed tube or via pumping devices. Contamination of the vacuum chamber or the beamline can lead to the longest production downtime. That is why MSE has developed a fully automated vacuum control system that can deal with every possible cause of failure.

The PLC based vacuum control system allows to face and to control every possible failure related to the vacuum. In case of power shutdown, the control system can be powered by a dedicated UPS. When the communication with the main accelerator control system is lost, the vacuum control system acts as a stand-alone and can continue to operate by itself. If some fast venting (window implosion) is detected, the control system will shut down the gate valves in order to protect the turbo pump and the beam tube. A fast acting valve also protects any return of oil from the primary pump to the beamline.